Ideas For A Bathroom Arrangement

With a few creative ideas, every bathroom can get a new interesting look. The simplest way to rearrange the old and unattractive bathroom is to paint the tiles. In specialized stores, you can buy co-ordinated system components, which consist of a tile and tile lacquer. Before painting, be sure to thoroughly clean the tiles. The lacquer is not resistant to silicone, so use a knife to scrape joints around the edges of the paved surface, and then treat them with a silicone remover.

A small lamp, essential oils, scented sticks and candles will give you aromatic satisfaction. A similar effect will make music available to you. So, when you are on the go, turn on the radio or, finally, play music from your mobile phone, you will feel more comfortable.

 Make a too small space just right

BathroomLight colours on the floors and walls will visually make the bathroom larger and interesting details of bright colours vast. Therefore, accessories, towels and other items in the bathroom should be bright colours. Mirrors on the opposite sides of the walls, arranged so that they can reflect on one another, will make the bathroom more spacious. Glass gives the illusion of more space and, if possible, change the windows and make sure to install larger windows. Direct artificial lighting to certain places in the bathroom, and thus create a visually interesting space. Fluorescent lights make the ceiling look lower. Even though they allow good lighting, it is not recommended to use this type of lighting in excess, because it can quickly warm up a small space.

Remove all unnecessary items from small bathrooms. Use the hooks for installation of hanging stands and shelves on walls where you can keep your cosmetics. Although the bathroom must always be tidy and clean, it does not mean that you have to hide all the things in the locker. Carefully selected details, such as perfume on a glass shelf, seem very effective.

Custom-made constructions are often cheaper than furniture purchased in the salon. You can place glass tiles on them, making niches in the bathroom more attractive. With small details and furniture, the bathroom quickly loses the character of the wet cell.